About The Pasta Market


The Pasta Market is a restaurant in San Jose, CA. We have been in the restaurant business for years and know all there and we know food! Our Pasta Market - Hot Lunch online portal is here to make life easier for parents.

Pasta Market - Hot Lunch provides a secure platform that enables both members to link and add funds to student's accounts. Whether you are a parent, other relative, or friend; you may use our tool to credit the account of that student you love.

When you use The Pasta Market to add funds to a student's account, your payments are also secure. We exceed even the strictest of security standards when and provide secure SSL encryptino of all payments. Your information is safe with us!

Follow the thousands of patrons we have in the San Jose area, and trust The Pasta Market with your meal funding needs!

How It Works

Our process in a nutshell...


Register for a Pasta Market Account, registration is easy and enables you to begin adding funds immediately. Once you register, simply login to your account.

Add Students

Add students to your account. You may either add a new student, or link to an existing student if another user has already created this student's account.

Setup Preferred Payment Method

Choose your preferred payment method that you will use to add funds to a student's account. You may add any of the four major credit card types.

Fund Your Students

Now you may easily add funds to your student's accounts. Choose your student, enter the amount to add, and fund them!

Schools are Credited

Your payment is applied to your child's balance with their school. You can verify with the school and always rely on our online portal as a reference.

View History

View all of your payment history, filtered by date and showing all detail such as student, school that payment was sent to and more.

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