Getting started is simple:
1. Click Login & Register to create an account.
2. Link students to your account. You may do this by either adding a new student to The Pasta Market, or if your student is already in the system (being funded by another parent), you may link that same student to your account and begin funding them as well!
3. Add your favorite payment method to your account. You may add Visa, MasterCard, or Discover cards.
4. That's it! You may now begin funding your student as soon as you login.

To change your email address and other personal information, simply login to your dashboard and select the "Profile" option, there you can update your email address and other account related fields.

At this time, you are only able to apply payments to your child's accounts on an as-needed basis. Automatically billing of your account is currently not an option but is being considered in the future.

When the initial parent adds a student to the system, they will specify which school that child attends. From that point, the school will already be specified when future payments are made to that student's account.

If you ever forget your password just visit our Password Retrieval Section to reset your password.

When using the www.thepastamarket.net website to transfer funds or request information, you will be asked to provide certain personal information. The www.thepastamarket.net website is PCI-Compliant and offers 128-bit SSL encryption, which secures your personal and credit card information as it is transferred over the Internet.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. The information provided will be used exclusively to support the lunch account program. All information gathered for the use of opening and maintaining your student’s account is kept confidential and is not shared, sold or given to any third-party company for any reason.

At this time you may fund your child's account with Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards.

Yes they can! All the person needs is your child's Pasta Market student ID. When they are looking to link students to their account, (instead of adding a new student) they may enter this student ID, click "Yes" to confirm, and the student will be linked to their account.

Your credit/debit is actually charged only when you login to your dashboard and click the option for "Meal Funding". Currently there are no other automatically billing options in our system.

At this time we only accept payment via all four major credit cards. Other options may be available in the future, feel free to inquire at any time to see if new payment options are in the works.

If you want to change your payment information; simply login to your dashboard and select the "Payment Method" option. There you can delete or change your existing payment method.

Yes you can see your payment history by clicking the "History" link after you login.

Payments are typically credited on the next school/business day.

Yes, all you have to do is click "Edit" on that student's record and link them to a new school (the School's ID will need to be available in order to make this change).

if there are issues with your account that required us to lock it Contact Us and we will get it taken care of.

If you need to cancel your Pasta Market account at any time please Contact Us and we will get it taken care of.

The School will NOT be accepting payments of any type for hot lunch. Funds must be processed online for the PRE-PAY Hot Lunch account. We do encourage all families to use this payment service, but also understand there may be special circumstances and we will handle them individually.

You will NOT be able to view transactions through this service. Pasta Market will be sending Hot Lunch Statements monthly via email. You will then be able to review purchases and fund your account appropriately.

We are a PRE-PAY service. NEGATIVE BALANCES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED. Please be sure your student has money in their account at all times to ensure they are able to purchase their lunch. Parents/guardians are responsible for maintaining a positive account balance. To maintain the integrity of our program funds should always be available.

Due to the maintenance requirements of our new system, we are no longer providing families with the ability to fall below a zero balance. In the event of a student’s account reaching a zero balance, we will decline service. The Student is to see the Food Service Manager for assistance.

The balance of returning students will “roll forward” for the next year while excess funds for graduating and non-returning students will be returned upon request, transferred to a sibling, or donated to our Lunch Program to help feed the students in the Financial Aid program.

An account statement will be regularly emailed to the email address on file.

Our program is based on the “Honor” system. Once your child goes through the lunch line and chooses their items they provide their name to one of our staff members and are marked appropriately.

Lunch menus are sent out via email or in the weekly envelope from the School monthly. Pasta Market welcome letters are included with your welcome package that are sent to you in the beginning of the School year. This letter explains our program as well as pricing. You can always call our office with any questions.

Nutritional data is available upon request.

We are available M-F 7:00am to 3:30pm pacific time. Please refer to our contact info on the home page.

During our initial trial period there will be no fee for using the service.

No, a daily spending limit may not be set by a parent/guardian.

Yes, on a limited basis. The charges will be deducted from your child’s account and will be identified by a “Meal for a Friend” notation in the account activity

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